Our Team
  • Dimitriy Gusev Developer
  • Sulima Timofei Designer
  • Mikhail Priatelev Assistant
  • Maxim Hilin Assistant
  • 8+ people in team
  • 150+ valuable ideas
  • 200+ succeeded transactions
  • 100+ completed projects
Ordering our job you get:
  • Fast online support

    Our service of creating CSGO roulettes provodes our clients 24/7 online support. Our developers will help you solve any problems completely free. In case of your roulette working incorrectly we will immediately provide you with an IT expert for solving any of your problems.

  • SEO Movement

    We are happy to help our clients in advancement at the very start. Our company will take all the advertising responsibility and will provide will all the needed support to move in the searching engines such as Yandex, Google, Mail, Rambler, and others.

  • Experts

    Only high qualified experts work in our team. Some amazing professionals in their job put your roulette together, very carefully checking for any errors..

  • Web optimization

    The roulette script is fully optimized, which makes it more easy and more understanding while using. We use only the latest web technologies for your Web Site development. Thanks to high compression and optimization of the code we guarantee that your web site works fast.

  • Learning

    Our team will provide you with three lessons about the script and the bot, you will get all the needed knowledge to be able to easily install or modify your script. As a more depth course of education we will show you how to change the design and optimize the web site for your self.

  • Development

    CSGO-SCRIPTS has an individual approach to every client and will complete any task you set to us, if needed. We do not use all ready use models, we always make a new one for you to make it a unique project.

we accept
Development stages
Day 1
calculation of profitability
We will get acquainted with your tasks and project, which in the future will help us using the details to make your roulette CSGO more convenient and more functional. After collecting all the statistical data and information received from you, we will calculate the cost and provide you with a detailed plan for your project.
Day 2-4
completion of the brief
At this stage, our college will provide you with a brief and conduct a small interview to determine the market secrets. We will also analyze competitors to make your project more competitive. Our team uses the FPV model to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your project, this is necessary for successful promotion.
Day 5-9
Project prototype
and copyright
With the help of the completed brief, our team starts creating a prototype of your roulette CSGO. We will write the USP for your project with the advantage of competitors. Our copywriters and re-writers will write a unique sales text and check for spelling and punctuation mistakes.
Day 10-16
author's design
After drawing up the prototype, our web design experts will begin their work. Based on the examples from the brief, the designer draws unique sketches of several blocks. Defines with you the color scheme of your project and the graphic vector. Specially for our clients, an adaptive mobile version of the site is rendered.
Day 17-20
the layout
At this stage, a specialist in Front-end development is typing your project. We strictly adhere to Google Speed indicators Page 90-100. Install the Yandex.Metrica analytics and completely test the scripts and layout for bugs.
Day 21
Project start
The final stage of your project development and its start. We grade the profitability and provide you an analists of your competitors. Using keywords we test the advertisement of your project.
You can order

Analysis of competitors Logos

Concept development

3-4 different variaties

A thew colour suggestions

2 colour and 1 b/w version


Garanty individual design

Formats for using

in polygraphy,and other outdoor advertising,

on souvenirs products and for the web

50.0 $ Order
Development of the Landing Page
Price from 85.0 $
Decoration of Social Media
As a present if ordering a web site!
Animated videos
Price negotiable
Setting up context advertisements
141.0 $ at our partners
Functions Minimal Start SpeedUp FlyUp StartUp Business
Classic Game Classic room, jackpot
Top, History, Website information

The Top shows the best players for a period of time.

The history shows the last games played on the website.

The history shows the last games played on the website.

Web info
Web info
Fair play
Web info
Fair play
Last winner
Web info
Fair play
Last winner (for other room)
The lucker of the day (for every room)
Web info
Fair play
Last winner (for other room)
The lucker of the day (for every room)
Chat moderation

Moderation and Administration in chat

Prize resend

A function of resending the prize in case of error.

Users privileges on the website

VIP, premium, super. Players can buy them for their balance on the website.

Deposit with FREE-KASSA

Other servers can install latency

Deposit with Skins

Ability to deposit skins.

Admin panel

Website control through Admin Panel.


Make any player win.


Players can buy skins using their balance on the website.


Other servers can install latency.

Double Game

Roulette with three colours. Red, Black, Green.

Fast Game

A mode for three players.

Additional Jackpot rooms

Rooms: Poor, Big Bets, Balance bets.

Multiple languages on the website

Web site translation to other languages

Fake Bets

You can deposit any skin.

Bonus Bot

A bot which deposits an extra skin which goes to the winner at the end of the game.

SSL - Certificate

Trusted https connection.


Instalation of your design.

System Administrators of your website.

An IT expert supporting the stable work of your website.

Price 40.00 $ 65.00 $ 92.00 $ 135.0 $ 192.0 $ 235.0 $
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